About Me

Hi, I’m Monaka.  I am a Bookkeeper, Management and Organization Consultant.

I’ve been in the business of management since my first college job at age 18 in 1987.  When, in my first week, the owner handed me the keys and told me I would need to hire some people!  Along the way I have managed people, payroll, accounting, inventory, billing and the list goes on.

I first started keeping books on a computer in the early 90s with Quicken.   Yes, I’m that old…I mean experienced!  I’ve watched it grow in to the QuickBooks of today and I just don’t think there is a better product on the market.  I have been doing the books for my own businesses since 1995 and working as a Bookkeeper for other businesses since 2004.  I offer full service bookkeeping, office management as well as QuickBooks consulting and lessons. 

Organization has always been a hobby/lifestyle for me but it became a job when I first got paid to do it in 2002.  I do personal and small business organization.  Including physical, closets and kitchens, and virtual, like eMail and file processes.

Doing multiple things keeps life interesting and I really enjoy new challenges.  For me there’s nothing better than working with someone on a project and having them come back later to say what a difference it has made in their life.  I love what I do and never plan to retire!  

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