Is Floating Mumbo Jumbo?!

5D8532ED-9289-44B3-98E7-3C3E6FE3A666Last weekend my husband suggested we go to Float Clinic in Torrance.  The flyer said “Being in a float tank is like relaxing in outer space.”  How they know that is beyond me but whatever, sounded good!

So here is how it works… you go in to a private room with a shower.  You put in earplugs then soap up and wash off all the oils on your body and hair.  Then make sure you dry your face.  That will keep you from inadvertently touching your face with your salty hand – you don’t want salt in the eyes!  There is a door in the wall that leads in to the tank.  You step in and close the door behind you.  I hear some places are actually “tanks” but this was more like a room.  It’s pitch black, the water is 93.5 degrees and the air is skin temperature.  The water has 1200 pounds of epsom salt.  You lay down in the water, which is only a couple feet deep, and you FLOAT!   After 90 minutes music comes on and eases you out of your float.  Now don’t panic!  It might be a little hard to find the door but you know it is there!  Just feel around the walls until you come to it.  You get out, wash off the salt water and that’s it!

The only bad part for me was my own fault!  I had just gotten my hair done the day before.  I read the night before that you shouldn’t float if you’ve had highlights in the last 2 weeks.  So I wore a swim cap in an attempt to keep the salt water off my hair.  Don’t bother!!  My hair was soaked and the cap bugged me the whole time.  I suggest you just go with the intent of getting your hair wet and washing it in the shower when you come out.  

Those who advocate for floating suggest there are great physical, spiritual and learning advantages.  I’m not sure about that but for only $45 I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely do it again!!  

My husband said that he was extremely relaxed and just floated on his back the whole time…if you know us you know he is way more Zen than me!  I have a mind that is always working on something.  I did some stretching and worked on a couple projects in my mind…good time to concentrate on one thing and work it out.  It wasn’t until the very end that I was really still and started more of a meditative state.  Even though I wasn’t still the whole time I still enjoyed the whole experience.  

When Easter falls on April 1st

All week the kids excitedly painted dozens of eggs in anticipation of the big day. Finally it was here, Easter!   Time for the hunt! Ready, set, go!!! Off they went frantically looking in every nook and cranny of the huge back yard. Around and around they ran. This year was so hard. They were hidden so well. 2 minutes, then 3 then 5 minutes.

Dad, we can’t find any!

April Fools yells dad!! There are no eggs! 😂😂😂D6B81D18-01FA-4204-BCA1-4E09C3C6AA2B

One Small Thing at a Time

75B8B48F-A903-4CD9-AA7A-B37EAFD1386DI’m not a fan of junk eMail, who is?! It’s such a waist of time to have to read even the title line. I make a point to scroll down and “unsubscribe” to the junk that comes in. I think it helps because compared to other people’s email I have seen I get very little junk.

One daily junk eMail I actually signed up for is Today’s One Small Thing .  That’s just what it is…one small thing each day. Their tag line is “Real ways to make a difference in your life, One Small Thing at a time.”  I really like that!

Most of them are about healthy living. Good little reminders to make better decisions. Or sometimes they are helpful little hints. Today’s was about how to stop onions from making you cry when you chop them. Great tip! You should go sign-up to get your daily One Small Thing. If you decide you don’t like it you can always scroll down and “unsubscribe”!

Favorite Products

B1EA4892-708F-4DFF-9A9D-8C74845A1BB7I like to research everything. I think it comes from a childhood where every time I asked a question I was told to “go look it up”. Who else had that huge set of encyclopedias? AKA…the first Google! So now with vast information at my fingertips I feel compelled to find out all about it. Wether it’s the best reward credit card, a fuel additive for my car or the cream I put on my face. I read the reviews, research the research and then try it myself to pick out my absolute favorite. Then once that’s done I usually stick with it, feeling confident about my choice. Unless it’s discontinued… don’t you hate it when that happens?! You find your absolute favorite lip stick and then they stop making it!!! 😱 Well, that’s what “Favorite Products” is all about. My absolute favorite whatever it may be. Read on and maybe you’ll agree. Or if not, you can let me know I missed out on something even better and maybe tomorrow I’ll have a new Favorite.

Starting My Days with TED

I’ve stopped watching the morning news and now start my day with TED talks. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand, not knowing what’s going on in the world at all. But I also do not need to start my day with a laundry list of everything bad that has happened while I was sleeping. It feels unhealthy and overwhelming. Now I like to start my day in the positive, listing to real people who are making a real difference. Even when it is heavy and about a problem our society might have it shines a light and makes me feel informed rather than bombarded. For instant this morning was about the litigious nature of our society. Philip Howard really hit the nail on the head with this Quote of the Day… “You can’t run a society by the lowest common denominator” Good Morning!