Scarf Magnet – Favorite Thing!

IMG_8085I went to the Sandpiper’s Diane von Furstenberg fashion show last year and while in their boutique area I met Dena Lyons.  Amoung other things she makes beautiful scarves and scarf magnets.  I bought one and I love it!  It’s definitely my “favorite things”.  I use it to hold sweaters together that don’t have buttons or pull together a top that’s showing a bit too much cleavage.  I gave one to all my girlfriends for Christmas last year.  It makes a great gift!

Scarf Magnets and more!

Favorite Treat – Açaí Bites

8B94413F-446B-42DA-BD0E-74508937DB0EAçaí Bites are my favorite treat!  I stumbled across these at Costco next to the Açaí frozen packs I put in my smoothies.  Now I keep them in my freezer for a treat when I feel like something sweet.  If you’re going to have a treat this is so much better for you than ice cream and I think it gives that same satisfaction 🍧 YUM!

Don’t Blindly Believe It Just Because the “Dr” Says It


My girlfriend recently sent me this frightening article about a dishonest dentist.  I don’t like to dwell on the unpleasant but I had something similar happen to me so I felt I should share it.

Growing up I always had my 6 month cleanings.  So when I moved to L.A. in my early 20s I went looking for a dentist.  A friend recommended her dentist in Marina del Rey.  It was a nice, clean, busy office and looked very reputable.  When I had my appointment and X-rays the dentist told me I needed several fillings and a root canal.  I was shocked!  I had had a couple fillings in my life but all in all I thought my teeth were really healthy.  They wanted to do it right away but it was very expensive and honestly something just didn’t feel right.  So me, being me, I wrote down exactly what I was told I needed.  Each exact tooth and the cost to take care of each thing.  If memory serves there were 6 fillings and a root canal!  I decided I felt great and I was just going to wait a bit.  After that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t get my next 6 month cleaning.  I think I just didn’t want to face having all that work done.  But after putting it off for over a year I was feeling really guilty about not having a cleaning.  I decided I really needed to get back in and face this mess inside my mouth!  I went back to the same office but they couldn’t find my file.  They said they looked and looked but it was gone.  They took a new set of X-rays and the dentist proceeded to tell me all the things I needed done.  I, again, was told I had several cavities and needed a root canal… but all in DIFFERENT teeth!!  Thank God I wrote it all down the first time.  I made a few calls to notify someone that they were scamming people but there really wasn’t anyone to listen.  I found a new dentist and poof!  No cavities.  I am 50 now and I still have never had a root canal.  Shame, shame, shame on these butchers who do such horrible things.  My heart goes out to everyone who put their trust and health in their hands.  As a grown woman I only wish my 20 year old self could have found a way to expose them.  

The Wiltern – life hack

My husband and I found this great life hack when he took me to see Van Morrison at The Wiltern last week (yes, the show was awesome!!).  The restaurant we normally go to, right next door, was packed and we were out of luck to have dinner before the show began.  But when a door closes…  We got an insider tip and walked two blocks down to 3832 Wilshire Boulevard to M grill.  It’s a wonderful Brazilian Steakhouse.  It’s upstairs in a strange little mall, Suite 202.  But as soon as you find it you’ll be glad you did!  You can go early and have the whole Brazilian Steakhouse experience or do what we did and just sit at the bar.  Although the menu is limited, the items we had on the bar menu were excellent.  I would recommend the lamb and the pineapple.  I would also recommend their lychee martini 🍸!!  To top it all off we learned when you have dinner there you can leave your car in valet until midnight…another score!  So check out the M Grill and enjoy the show!! 96BD78AA-FBAF-4A8D-BBEE-AD2FD396E72E

Take the Opportunity to Show You Care

Like it or not we are all living in this crazy, fast paced and seemingly uncaring corporate culture.  So this last Christmas it was nice to feel some genuine humanity.  A little back story…

Even if you’re not from Northern California you would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the horrific Camp Fire that wiped out the entire community of Paradise.  In the weeks before Thanksgiving over 18 thousand structures burned, over 14 thousand of which were homes.  Among those who lost everying were my aunt and uncle.  They lost everything, I mean ash, nothing left.  But in the days that followed their attitude was one of gratefulness for what they had and prayers for others.  Even while evacuated and living in an RV park all they focused on was how thankful they were that their family from Paradise were safe and unharmed.  Not all families were as lucky.  For me they were truly an inspiration and example of focusing on what is really important in this life.  

I tell that part of the story just so you know that my aunt was not crying and going on and on about her “stuff”.  She barley spoke about the lifetime of precious things that were lost.  My Aunt Connie is one of those people that decorates their home beautifully for all occasions.  Her home was where our family would always gather for family events, yummy family dinners and crazy fun games she would just make up!  Much love, laughs and joy were felt in her home.  Though she didn’t complain about the loss of her things I knew her heart was very sad.  In a conversation we were having I was reminiscing about all her beautiful Christmas decorations and she mentioned her beloved Brighton Christmas charm bracelet she loved to wear at the holidays.

The conversation got me thinking.  Maybe I would buy her a Brighton bracelet this Christmas.  Then the thought began to grow.  I reached out to her daughter, Heidi, and with her help our plan was hatched!  With no home of her own Aunt Connie would be at Heidi’s house for Christmas this year.  What if we reached out to friends and family and each one bought a single charm for her.  Maybe we could fill up a whole bracelet.  Wouldn’t that be a lovely Christmas morning.  I could just see her opening each precious little packages of love.  Every one reminding her of how many people are thinking about her and want to say how much she is loved.  

Well as you can imagine everyone we reached out to wanted to join in.  In the weeks before Christmas Heidi was busy receiving, wrapping and hiding away charms for Christmas morning.  When the day came I wasn’t able to be there but I’ve heard the morning was filled with surprise and smiles and many alligator tears of joy!


This is where the corporate part of my story comes in.  When I reached out to my Aunt Vicki about the bracelet charm idea she was eager to participate.  She had some issues with the gift page I set up on Brighton’s website so she called in to get some help with her order.  Being the friendly person my Aunt Vicki is she explained to the customer service person what we were all doing.  Guess what showed up in the mail from the customer service team at Brighton… a beautiful Christmas charm and a lovely note signed individually from their whole team.  A beautiful and sweet reminder that the “corporate culture” is really just people.  People like you and I.  People who would take a moment out of their busiest time of year to say, we don’t know you but we want you to know we care.  As for me I’m going to take a lesson from the team at Brighton…whenever I have an opportunity I’m going to reach out, take a moment no mater how busy I am and let people know there are people who care, I care. 

So I’m taking a moment out of my busy day today to say – Thank you Brighton for taking the opportunity to show you care about my Aunt Connie who is a light that lights up our world.