Don’t Blindly Believe It Just Because the “Dr” Says It


My girlfriend recently sent me this frightening article about a dishonest dentist.  I don’t like to dwell on the unpleasant but I had something similar happen to me so I felt I should share it.

Growing up I always had my 6 month cleanings.  So when I moved to L.A. in my early 20s I went looking for a dentist.  A friend recommended her dentist in Marina del Rey.  It was a nice, clean, busy office and looked very reputable.  When I had my appointment and X-rays the dentist told me I needed several fillings and a root canal.  I was shocked!  I had had a couple fillings in my life but all in all I thought my teeth were really healthy.  They wanted to do it right away but it was very expensive and honestly something just didn’t feel right.  So me, being me, I wrote down exactly what I was told I needed.  Each exact tooth and the cost to take care of each thing.  If memory serves there were 6 fillings and a root canal!  I decided I felt great and I was just going to wait a bit.  After that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t get my next 6 month cleaning.  I think I just didn’t want to face having all that work done.  But after putting it off for over a year I was feeling really guilty about not having a cleaning.  I decided I really needed to get back in and face this mess inside my mouth!  I went back to the same office but they couldn’t find my file.  They said they looked and looked but it was gone.  They took a new set of X-rays and the dentist proceeded to tell me all the things I needed done.  I, again, was told I had several cavities and needed a root canal… but all in DIFFERENT teeth!!  Thank God I wrote it all down the first time.  I made a few calls to notify someone that they were scamming people but there really wasn’t anyone to listen.  I found a new dentist and poof!  No cavities.  I am 50 now and I still have never had a root canal.  Shame, shame, shame on these butchers who do such horrible things.  My heart goes out to everyone who put their trust and health in their hands.  As a grown woman I only wish my 20 year old self could have found a way to expose them.  

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