The Wiltern – life hack

My husband and I found this great life hack when he took me to see Van Morrison at The Wiltern last week (yes, the show was awesome!!).  The restaurant we normally go to, right next door, was packed and we were out of luck to have dinner before the show began.  But when a door closes…  We got an insider tip and walked two blocks down to 3832 Wilshire Boulevard to M grill.  It’s a wonderful Brazilian Steakhouse.  It’s upstairs in a strange little mall, Suite 202.  But as soon as you find it you’ll be glad you did!  You can go early and have the whole Brazilian Steakhouse experience or do what we did and just sit at the bar.  Although the menu is limited, the items we had on the bar menu were excellent.  I would recommend the lamb and the pineapple.  I would also recommend their lychee martini 🍸!!  To top it all off we learned when you have dinner there you can leave your car in valet until midnight…another score!  So check out the M Grill and enjoy the show!! 96BD78AA-FBAF-4A8D-BBEE-AD2FD396E72E

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