I love living at the beach but it does come with its own special issues.  The humidity for one.  It gets into everything, making things from your clothes to your toilet paper smell musty.

I have used different options over the years.  I used DampRid crystals for years.  They work really well but they’re kind of a pain.  I always hated the mess and finally when one I had on a shelf in the top of my closet overflowed I had it!  All that sticky goo all over my clothes, yuck!  That’s when I did my research,  read manufacturer websites and a bunch of blogs and settled on the Eva-Dry renewable mini dehumidifier. 

After a year of using the Eva-Dry I can report that it does a great job. It also appeases my need to cut down on my carbon footprint.  I always felt a little weird about pouring that goo down the drain.   

It’s simple and clean and reusable.  Set it in your closet or under the sink and when the crystals in the window turn a light pink you plug it into a light socket.  Give it a couple hours to dry out and repeat! No mess, no throwing chemicals down the drain and my closets and under my sink smell great!


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