A Comfy Bed is Key!!

I love snuggling in to a comfy bed.  My husband says I can “sleep like a teenage boy” and I take that as a compliment!  They are constantly coming out with reports talking about the health benefits of getting a good nights rest.  Bedding is key for me and I found the BEST sheets!

While staying at an AirBnB in Malibu last New Year’s Eve I fell in love with the sheets.  When it came time to strip the bed at the end of our stay I searched for the tag and lucked out!  I wrote down the name and went immediately to Google prepared to spend a small fortune and 100,000 count Egyptian cotton!  To my shock and joy they were on Amazon for $32.70!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly…not just one pillowcase… California King full set with 2 pillowcases in many colors for less than $40…What?!!  

I have a couple AirBnBs and I put them on all my beds.  I swear to you I have had inquiries about where to get these sheets! 

Then, just to prove I was really on to something, last week my favorite daily email, Today’s One Small Thing, featured MY sheets!!  Enjoy!…


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