One Small Thing at a Time

75B8B48F-A903-4CD9-AA7A-B37EAFD1386DI’m not a fan of junk eMail, who is?! It’s such a waist of time to have to read even the title line. I make a point to scroll down and “unsubscribe” to the junk that comes in. I think it helps because compared to other people’s email I have seen I get very little junk.

One daily junk eMail I actually signed up for is Today’s One Small Thing .  That’s just what it is…one small thing each day. Their tag line is “Real ways to make a difference in your life, One Small Thing at a time.”  I really like that!

Most of them are about healthy living. Good little reminders to make better decisions. Or sometimes they are helpful little hints. Today’s was about how to stop onions from making you cry when you chop them. Great tip! You should go sign-up to get your daily One Small Thing. If you decide you don’t like it you can always scroll down and “unsubscribe”!

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