Favorite Products

B1EA4892-708F-4DFF-9A9D-8C74845A1BB7I like to research everything. I think it comes from a childhood where every time I asked a question I was told to “go look it up”. Who else had that huge set of encyclopedias? AKA…the first Google! So now with vast information at my fingertips I feel compelled to find out all about it. Wether it’s the best reward credit card, a fuel additive for my car or the cream I put on my face. I read the reviews, research the research and then try it myself to pick out my absolute favorite. Then once that’s done I usually stick with it, feeling confident about my choice. Unless it’s discontinued… don’t you hate it when that happens?! You find your absolute favorite lip stick and then they stop making it!!! 😱 Well, that’s what “Favorite Products” is all about. My absolute favorite whatever it may be. Read on and maybe you’ll agree. Or if not, you can let me know I missed out on something even better and maybe tomorrow I’ll have a new Favorite.

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