Minutiae Management is just that… managing the Minutiae.

I truly do believe it’s all about the details. If the minutiae, the trivial details, of your life are in order then you have more time to spend on the things that really matter to you.

I help people manage their minutiae. I specialize in QuickBooks bookkeeping for small business and office management.  I am also an organization consultant helping to create filing systems where you can actually find things when you need them or helping with eMail in-boxes that have too many messages to address everyday.  Everyone has those things that nag at their time and their mind. I work with you to tackle, conquer and create a system.

Whatever your Minutiae, let’s take charge of it so you can get on with more important things in your life and your business.

I had been willing to pay way too much money to have someone reconcile my QuickBooks each month. I’m embarrassed to admit how much it cost. Then somehow, I magically found Monaka. Not only did she easily teach me QuickBooks in a very short amount of time, but I have come to respect and value her as a wonderful person to have in my life. She is patient, funny and kind. And now I do my reconciliation each month in under 15 minutes thanks to her skill set. I highly recommend her for QuickBooks and any other venture she undertakes. **Nina Bellow

Nina Bellow